Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Margaret Kronfeld - How to Develop Staff

Margaret Kronfeld has spent many years as a corporate leader in Auckland, New Zealand. She worked for BK Enterprises, managing staff, recruitment, social media, finances, and budgets for eight years. She knows how to manage and develop staff for jobs within a corporate organization, maintain high levels of performance from all employees, and assist with the basic functions of the organization. As a large part of her job, managing staff development was an important way she contributed to all of the organizations she has worked for over the years in Auckland, including BK Enterprises, M&M K Properties, and Tiagra Construction.

One of the main challenges that Margaret Kronfeld faced in her career as a staff development expert was finding ways for employees to grow within a company at their own pace. When companies need new leadership, they almost always look internally first. This minimizes cost and avoids the downtime that comes when a new administrator has to learn the mission of the company and how it intends to achieve that mission. Margaret Kronfeld has developed leaders in all of the companies she has worked for in her long career in the business community of Auckland, New Zealand. She had to balance the needs of the company for new leadership and skills with each individual’s personal needs and goals.

Margaret Kronfeld is the former Company Director of BK Enterprises, Tiagra Construction, M&M K Properties, and K H Civil—all in Auckland. Kronfeld is also the former Administration Manager for BNZ in Auckland. She has many years of experience developing staff for the new generation of business leaders.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Margaret Kronfeld - Deciding Between a New or Used Car

Margaret Kronfeld serves as the Company Director for BK Enterprises, a company located on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. Through BK Enterprises, Margaret Kronfeld is involved with the automotive industry by providing financing on new and used Isuzu, Renault and Hyundai vehicles. If you’re trying to decide between a new and used car before seeking similar financing, the points below might help you make your choice:
  • Down Payment – If you have a good credit score, it’ll be easier for you to buy a new car with little to no down payment required. Many car dealers offer new car incentives that used car dealers cannot afford to offer. In contrast, used cars, no matter your credit score, almost always require a down payment.
  • Depreciation – When you purchase a new car, you will inevitably take a depreciation hit. A new car will lose twenty-percent, or more, of its value within six months of driving off of the lot. If you plan to trade in or sell your new car within the first year, it’s likely better to buy a lightly-used car instead. On the other hand, if you plan to keep your car, the depreciation won’t pose as much of an issue.
  • Maintenance – New cars typically come with free maintenance or repairs for a handful of months or miles after buying it. Used cars, on the other hand, often come with problems and o coverage to pay for them.
If you truly can’t decide, consider speaking with someone experienced like Margaret Kronfeld. These professionals have seen it all and they can give you insider information to help you make a choice.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Margaret Kronfeld - Social Media Management Tips

Margaret Kronfeld works with companies such as BK Enterprises and M&MK Properties. Among her many duties is social media management. Though it might sound easy to manage social media, professionals like Margaret Kronfeld put time and effort into effectively engaging their audiences through their management duties. If you’re handling social media management for your company or for your employer, the following tips will help you make more effective choices:
  • Select the Best Platforms – The Internet gives you access to hundreds of social media platforms with options beyond the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Spend time researching social media platforms and their benefits to businesses, and then carefully decide what will work best. Limit your choices to five to prevent spreading yourself too thin.
  • Look at Analytics – In addition to social media platforms, the Internet provides hundreds of analytics tools that will help you judge your social media campaign successes or failures. Most analytics tools are provided to you free by the social media platforms, but some are third-party. Read the reports, translate them and act on what they teach you.
  • Post Often – Research your industry and demographic, and post accordingly. Regular, scheduled posts are important to grow your audience and to gain visibility. Though basic business hours are suitable for many companies, your ideal posting times might vary, so instead of guessing, do your research.
Social media specialists like Margaret Kronfeld typically spend large amounts of time studying social media marketing to effectively handle their management tasks. Aim to do the same if you’d like your social media campaigns to be more effective.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Margaret Kronfeld - Preparing a Staff Development Program

Margaret Kronfeld is a professional who has worked in Auckland, New Zealand, for decades. Over the years, she has established herself as a successful businesswoman, and she did so through tactics to improve the companies that she works with. One of the ways that Margaret Kronfeld has improved companies is through staff development. An effective staff development program can makeover a company, completely changing its face. The following are some strategies used by successful staff developers to create engaging, effective programs:

Space Out Information – It’s easy to try fitting an entire staff development program into one day, but they often work better if information is spaced out over several days. This reduces the information that must be absorbed each day, which often makes the program more successful.

Reduce Stress – A staff development program requires employees to soak up large amounts of information in a short period of time. This in itself is stressful, but it will get worse if people feel as though the program was pointless or hard to understand. Consider elements that could cause stress and do your best to amend the issues.

Look Within for Talent – When you’re looking for speakers for your staff development program, don’t immediately look for a guest speaker. Instead, look within the company for presenters with talents and experiences that could benefit the program. It’ll save money and boost the confidence of staff, helping them to grow and develop.

When you’re tasked with your first staff development program, consider speaking with a professional like Margaret Kronfeld in your area for personalized advice.