Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Margaret Kronfeld - How to Develop Staff

Margaret Kronfeld has spent many years as a corporate leader in Auckland, New Zealand. She worked for BK Enterprises, managing staff, recruitment, social media, finances, and budgets for eight years. She knows how to manage and develop staff for jobs within a corporate organization, maintain high levels of performance from all employees, and assist with the basic functions of the organization. As a large part of her job, managing staff development was an important way she contributed to all of the organizations she has worked for over the years in Auckland, including BK Enterprises, M&M K Properties, and Tiagra Construction.

One of the main challenges that Margaret Kronfeld faced in her career as a staff development expert was finding ways for employees to grow within a company at their own pace. When companies need new leadership, they almost always look internally first. This minimizes cost and avoids the downtime that comes when a new administrator has to learn the mission of the company and how it intends to achieve that mission. Margaret Kronfeld has developed leaders in all of the companies she has worked for in her long career in the business community of Auckland, New Zealand. She had to balance the needs of the company for new leadership and skills with each individual’s personal needs and goals.

Margaret Kronfeld is the former Company Director of BK Enterprises, Tiagra Construction, M&M K Properties, and K H Civil—all in Auckland. Kronfeld is also the former Administration Manager for BNZ in Auckland. She has many years of experience developing staff for the new generation of business leaders.