Monday, 14 March 2016

Margaret Kronfeld - Social Media Management Tips

Margaret Kronfeld works with companies such as BK Enterprises and M&MK Properties. Among her many duties is social media management. Though it might sound easy to manage social media, professionals like Margaret Kronfeld put time and effort into effectively engaging their audiences through their management duties. If you’re handling social media management for your company or for your employer, the following tips will help you make more effective choices:
  • Select the Best Platforms – The Internet gives you access to hundreds of social media platforms with options beyond the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Spend time researching social media platforms and their benefits to businesses, and then carefully decide what will work best. Limit your choices to five to prevent spreading yourself too thin.
  • Look at Analytics – In addition to social media platforms, the Internet provides hundreds of analytics tools that will help you judge your social media campaign successes or failures. Most analytics tools are provided to you free by the social media platforms, but some are third-party. Read the reports, translate them and act on what they teach you.
  • Post Often – Research your industry and demographic, and post accordingly. Regular, scheduled posts are important to grow your audience and to gain visibility. Though basic business hours are suitable for many companies, your ideal posting times might vary, so instead of guessing, do your research.
Social media specialists like Margaret Kronfeld typically spend large amounts of time studying social media marketing to effectively handle their management tasks. Aim to do the same if you’d like your social media campaigns to be more effective.