Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Margaret Kronfeld - Three Avenues to Influential Leadership

Margaret Kronfeld worked as a corporate leader for over 30 years at several large businesses in Auckland, New Zealand. She has worked with all kinds of employees during her career and she has effectively managed and led them all to further success and prosperity during that time. Different leaders are thrust into their positions in different ways. Some are arbitrarily put in power by higher superiors, others take the mantle. Kronfeld was not to be denied leadership positions at almost every company she has worked for. Here are her three avenues to influential leadership you should employ in your workspace:
  • Persuasion. True leadership doesn’t come from fear or arbitrary authority. Margaret Kronfeld earned her subordinates’ trust by explaining the pure facts that their work makes a difference in their personal success as well as the company’s success in its goals. Once everyone is on board, they can start working as a team to achieve company goals.
  • Commitment. One way or another, all subordinates have to have some level of commitment to your goals as a leader. Margaret Kronfeld inspired high levels of commitment to the company’s goals by giving everyone a sense of belonging. This “we-ness” is the tool by which corporate leaders reach their goals and help their subordinates.
  • Strategic Control. You can’t control and dictate everything. At some point, you’ll have to trust that your vision is being carried out by your team. Let your team work out its issues on its own rather than trying to control and influence every detail of their individual professional lives.
Margaret Kronfeld lives and works in Auckland.