Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Margaret Kronfeld - The Three Pillars of Successful Project Management

For Margaret Kronfeld, her success as a project manager for the many companies she worked for over her 30 years in the Auckland big business world was measured by her ability to move projects from pending to complete. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? There are many factors that govern whether or not a project is completed or not, however. Since a project manager like Kronfeld can’t do everything that a project requires by herself, she has to rely on her team to complete the project, and to make sure they’re effective at completing projects, she has to rely on these three pillars of project management success:
  • Communication. Workers can’t get things done if they don’t know what they’re expected to complete by what time. Margaret Kronfeld made sure that her expectations of all of her subordinates were clear and that the reasoning behind her orders was clear as well.
  • Teamwork. Every single team member doesn’t have to like each other and hang out all the time to be effective. What’s more important, as Margaret Kronfeld knows, is how well the team works together as a cohesive unit. Building a talented team with a multitude of complementary skills is a key part of this, but so is team-building and a sense of belonging from all team members.
  • Problem solving. Not only do project managers have to be able to solve problems as they come up, but individuals of the teams they lead also have to be empowered to solve their own problems when they appear.
Margaret Kronfeld has helped many companies and their workers succeed over her long career in project management.