Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Margaret Kronfield - The Daily Responsibilities of a Business Manager

Managing a business is no small task, which is why so many small to medium sized businesses require a business manager to take the lead. Business managers, like Margaret Kronfield, are responsible for directing the talent and resources within an organization in order to advance the goals of the business. Managing a business is becoming more complex, with managers being required to respond to both planned and unplanned issues that might arise.

The core function of a business manager is the planning and organizing of the business. This involves developing goals for the business, designing strategies and allocating the appropriate resources that will help the business advance their goals. The business manager has to be able to analyze both internal and external data that is related to the company’s performance.

A business manager is also the key decision-maker of the business. The decisions they must make are associated with any changes that need to be made within the company. They must adapt both external and internal factors that may impact the rest of the business. Deciding where to use capital resources within an organization is also an important part of the daily tasks a business manager.

Business managers, like Margaret Kronfield, are also charged with supplying all of the necessary information to employees. This includes collecting, monitoring, and reporting any information that may be relevant for the employees to complete their jobs. Finally, business managers must effectively communicate with customers, employees, and suppliers to keep the business running at an optimal level.