Thursday, 9 June 2016

Margaret Kronfield - Top Secrets for Project Management Success

Managing a project may seem straightforward, but as Margaret Kronfield, company director at BK Enterprises knows, it is anything but that. It order to manage a project successfully, you need to meet your deadline, remain within the set budget and have the right people working on it. Of course, as a project manager, these things rarely happen. To help you find success, here are some of the top secrets that can help you complete your project successfully.

1.Know the full project details before you get started. Before you begin, it is important to create a detailed project scope. This includes all interim milestones, with deliverable dates, as well as a budget worksheet that outlines the time that is involved in completing the project.

2.Having the right management team in place is essential. You need to make sure the people assigned to the team have the right skills and experience to benefit the project. You also want to limit the number of people involved. The more people there are involved, the higher the risk of losing your grasp on the project.

3.Having regular status meetings will help you to ensure the project remains on track. Keep these meetings short and to the point. Limiting the amount of time that each team member has to talk will keep the team focused on the most relevant details about the past week.

Ensuring a project gets completed on time and under budget can be an arduous task, but with the right approach, it can be accomplished. Margaret Kronfield has been successfully managing projects for many years and knows what is needed to see a project completed successfully.